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Ravens Music Clothing

To order Ravens Music Clothing: give your cheque or cash to Mr. Warbinek with a list of the clothing name and sizes that you would like to purchase. 

There is no limit on how many you can order!

All sizes are in adult: 

Small - Medium - Large - Extra Large - 2X Extra Large

All prices are including taxes. 

T-Shirts $35.00 

Crew Neck Pullover Sweatshirts $45.00

Hoodie Pullover Sweatshirts $45.00

Advantages of Music Education

We are privileged to have music as a requirement in the Richmond School District. It is a subject that everyone can relate and connect with. The benefits of learning to play an instrument are very positive for the human brain, with connections and learned abilities that exceed any other subject in school. It is studied and understood that learning to play an instrument is the best thing that any child can do for their growing brain, giving them skills and tools that apply to everything else in life. Other districts in BC are losing music programs due to lowered education funding, which leaves those students at a detrimental loss. Let's not let this happen in Richmond.

Here is a helpful introduction video on the effects of music on the brain:


Concert Dress Code
The Standard Dress Code applies to all concerts, while the Additional Options are optional per concert.
Standard Dress Code
(think professional and formal)
Boys: collared dress shirt - white or black
Girls: collared dress shirt | or | white or black blouse
Everyone: No t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts with large logos/text.
Pants or Dresses/Skirts
dresses/skirts must be long enough to go past your knees
No shorts, capris, sweat pants, or jeans.
Dress Shoes are the best option
​Plain coloured shoes are the goal if you do not have dress shoes
​Runners are ok (not recommended) if they are black and/or white
Snow boots, gum boots/water boots, Ugs, etc. - are not allowed.
The goal with this is to look more professional than a normal day at school. When we look professional we feel and act more professional.

Additional Options
Xmas Holiday Concerts:
Students can wear red or green in addition to the standard dress code.
Christmas sweaters, accessories, santa hats, etc. are encouraged
Spring Concerts:
​Students can wear yellow or blue in addition to the standard dress code.​


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