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Program Planning


Program Guide 2017-18.pdf​  booklet is presented to all grade 8 to 11 students in during program planning presentations in February 2017 by McMath counsellors.  

The online version is found under the "students" tab on the school website: ​

The following paragraphs are taken from the first pages of the Program Planning Book and highlighting the importance of this process.

"This planner is intended to support students and their parents/guardians in choosing the most appropriate courses for the 2017-2018 school year. Some courses must be taken to meet the graduation requirements of the Ministry of Education, while others can be chosen to meet individual interests and goals. This planner describes the broad requirements of each grade, the content of individual courses, and the various programs and services at McMath Secondary.

Timetabling (the number of sections of each course) is based on the course requests made by students in February and March. The following steps are used to build` McMath School’s master timetable:

a. Students determine their compulsory courses and choose their elective courses using this Course Planning guide to assist them. Students submit their course requests to their counsellor.
b. The requests for each course are tallied and that information is used to determine how many blocks to build for each course. Courses with too few student requests will be cancelled. Students who have requested a course that gets cancelled will then be programmed into their alternate elective choice.
c. The master timetable is built using the numbers of blocks for each course as determined by student requests.

It is essential that students consider the task of choosing courses as a major responsibility because the choices that they make determine the master timetable. Once the master timetable is built, course changes become much more difficult; thus, it is very important that the selection of courses be done carefully. Please choose courses and alternatives carefully, keeping in mind the following factors:

-Elective courses will be offered only if there is sufficient enrolment to justify a class. The possibility arises that a student may select a course that cannot be scheduled. In this casethe student will be offered an alternative elective, suitable for his/her timetableMake sure to provide thoughtful alternate selections when you are course planning. -Students may select courses based on their interests and plans. Students are not allowed to select courses based on individual teacher requests.
-Upon receipt of this planner, students and parents/guardians should examine the book thoroughly, then discuss the choice of courses together, and consult teachers or counsellors if necessary.
-Students in the Graduation Program (Gr. 10-12) need to plan their courses with career and/or post-secondary programs in mind. If students are in doubt about future academic or career directions, they should choose courses that allow them as many options as possible.
-Counsellors and the departments involved will review requests for the English as a Second Language Classes.
-Many B.C. Universities require students to complete a Modern Language to the grade 11 level for admission.
-All students in grades 8 –11 are expected to take eight courses. Students in grade 12 may choose a study block. (*) Any exceptions to these guidelines must be approved by school administration.

The following forms will be completed by all grade 8 to 11 students in preparation for the 2017/18 school year.  
If you are a TRANSFERING INTO MCMATH please complete the following grade appropriate form and return it to the McMath office for the counselling department.

Grade 9 English Program Planning Sheet.pdf​
Grade 9 French Immersion Program Planning Sheet.pdf

Grade 10 English Program Planning Sheet.pdf
Grade 10 French Immersion Program Planning Sheet.pdf

Grade 11 English Program Planning Sheet.pdf
Grade 11 French Immersion Program Planning Sheet.pdf