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Don't forget to complete your core competency reflection on your portfolios! It is expected to be completed as a part of your report cards for third term!
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7th Grade Persuasive Essay Rubric.pdf
4/14/2018 8:33 PMSean Yesaki
Ancient Civilizations Project – Division One – 2020.docx
1/5/2020 3:40 PMSean Yesaki
Commands and Expressions in French.doc
1/14/2020 8:56 AMSean Yesaki
Different Types of Poetry.doc
1/25/2018 12:39 PMSean Yesaki
Essay Planner – Division One – Mr.docx
1/25/2018 12:38 PMSean Yesaki
French Vocabulary Review.doc
2/6/2020 1:46 PMSean Yesaki
How to be a Successful Student.docx
1/25/2018 12:47 PMSean Yesaki
Metaphor, Simile, Figurative Language.doc
1/25/2018 12:40 PMSean Yesaki
Numeracy Quick Scale.jpeg
5/1/2019 9:17 AMSean Yesaki
Personal Interest Projects.docx
9/9/2018 3:22 PMSean Yesaki
Quick Scale Personal Writing.jpeg
5/1/2019 9:18 AMSean Yesaki
Reading Literature Student Evaluation Quick Scale.jpeg
5/1/2019 9:23 AMSean Yesaki
Report Fact Collection Template.docx
9/23/2018 4:53 PMSean Yesaki
Report Parameters.docx
9/23/2018 4:52 PMSean Yesaki
The Scientific Method.doc
1/25/2018 12:37 PMSean Yesaki
Tips to Solving Math Problems.jpeg
9/11/2018 9:10 PMSean Yesaki
Wonder Wednesday.docx
9/9/2019 9:03 PMSean Yesaki