Ms. Huang's Grade 1 ELL & Math Class
Our Focus Is On The Learner


Welcome Lee Lion students, parents and family members!

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My name is Ms. Huang. I am the ELL and Learning Resource Teacher at Walter Lee Elementary.​ I will be teaching ELL through grade 1 Math because there is so much valuable language in mathematical thinking and learning.

I'll be sharing weekly pictures, videos or other documentation of student work on this website. Click on the pink "Blog" tab at the top of this page. Check back every Friday evening to see what we've been learning at school.

Math Talk: I encourage you and your child to visit the website together and to have a conversation about the weekly math concepts and activities. This website will be a great way for your child to self reflect on what they wondered, explored and learned. 

If you have any questions, please email me at or drop by Room 1 after school.

Grade 1 Math & ELL

Students will learn through inquiry, play and collaboration. 

In third termstudents will focus on subtraction, 2D/3D shapes and measurement

In second term, students​ will learn to add and subtract numbers up to 12. They will also focus on representing numbers up to 20.

In first term, students will be learning about ​​patterns. They will be learning vocabulary and skills to help them recognize, describe, create and extend patterns. ​​They will also learn to count by 2s, 5s and 10s for number sense and fluency. They will practice the different ways of documenting learning. Students will have many opportunities to use their voice, words, pictures or numbers to share their mathematical thinking and learning. 


Why is it important?

Patterning involves big mathematical ideas of order and regularity.​ It allows students to seek connections, see relationships and make predictions.​