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IMG_0238.JPG​Happy Hallowe'en, from all the Maple Lane staff ! We all had a great time on Hallowe'en. It was a treat - no pun intended - to see the excitement on the childrens' faces and how imaginative their costumes were.

Welcome to Division 1's Scholantis website. The main purpose of the Scholantis website is to give you the opportunity to see your child's progress in many areas of school life - both academic and social. You will be able to view photos, video and audio records, samples of ongoing  and completed work, as well as your child's reflections on his or her learning journey, providing you and your child with the basis for deeper conversations about experiences in the classroom.  

On this site you will also find information regarding daily homework, descriptions of and criteria for longer-term assignments, student ePortfolios,​ photos of classroom activities, ​​notices about school events and activities, student reminders and learning links. The information is intended principally to help students plan for the proper completion of their assignments, be aware of due dates and the expectations for assignments.  Homework, and any other information that needs to be updated, will be posted every day. I try to post the homework by 3:30 p.m. However, the updates can sometimes not be posted until later in the afternoon, especially if I am busy after school with meetings or other appointments.​

What is the "New Curriclum"?

There has been a lot of information in the media about the "New Curriculum". Much of it is reasonably accurate, in terms of the B.C. Ministry of Education's rationale in launching this new initiative. Some of the information is vague; some of it is incorrect.

The curriculum in B.C. schools has indeed been changed, but not in a wildly radical way. The content students focus on in their various grades has shifted in some cases; in other cases, newer content has been introduced. What is most important to understand is that the focus of the curriculum has been "flipped": instead of requiring students to learn discrete facts and general knowledge about a specific topic and to focus on a narrow range of learning strategies and skills, the focus is now on helping students to learn skills (these are now referred to as "Curricular Competencies") and strategies that will allow them to locate, assess and utilize information related to topics they wish to pursue, to analyze information, to communicate their ideas effectively, and to gain experience in assessing their own progress in working toward their academic and personal goals. These are highly useful skills that are needed throughout our lives. 

This shift in our schools' approach to learning and teaching will evolve over the next few years. Students and teachers alike will be required to make adjustments to their concepts about what takes place in our schools. I am excited about taking this new path and expect that I will be learning a great deal.

Should you have any questions about the educational changes currently under way, please feel free to contact me at Maple Lane. You can also find lots of information on the B.C. Minisrty of Education's website at​​

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